Turquoise Bijou Ring


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MATERIALS: 100% Sterling Silver & Turquoise Stone

This is the Turquoise version of our Onyx bijou ring. This new iteration adds flare and depth to a long time Buck Palmer favorite by including a Turquoise stone. Turquoise stones are said to hold properties that protect their owner, bringing you into alignment for the your evolutionary journey and expelling those things that do not serve you. Sounds pretty damn good to us, not to mention this piece looks amazing on! Made with sterling silver.

**Turquoise stone color and silver oxidization WILL vary from the product images**
Turquoise naturally comes in a range of shades and colors; from a whitish blue to dark blue and from dark green to a yellowish green. Considering each piece is made from a unique cut of Turquoise, no two of our pieces are alike and each individual piece may contain any color variation!

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