Meet Buck - Founder and Designer of Buck Palmer.

After a Decade of success in the entertainment industry, Buck found himself uninspired and lacking creative drive. Whilst he was living what some would call 'the dream life', his intuition was telling him otherwise and he knew that he could no longer ignore this nudge from within, craving the passion in life in which escaped him, he yearned for something more meaningful.

After retreating in what he calls his "hibernation-period" and much soul searching, Buck had an experience of revelation while traveling in one of the most serene and spiritual places on the planet; Tulum, Mexico. He decided, or better it was decided upon him to become a Teacher of the meditation technique that had changed his life 7yrs prior (and still practices today). With that, he moved to the Himalayas to learn, grow and gain the wisdom of this ancient practice from its source in order to share it with others, leaving behind his beloved and homely comforts for what felt like a lifetime.

 "It was one of the most challenging yet equally fulfilling and enriching experiences I've had"...Little did he know, fast forward 2-3yrs, It was this Meditation teaching that would align him with a jewelry designer from Los Angeles, a conversation was born during the course about collaborating on a collection...and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Buck Palmer brand is synonymous with Adventure, stepping into the unknown and enjoying experiences that no money or logical plan could ever deliver. This Journey and every step along the way helped to create these pieces you now see, an expression of the maverick lifestyle in which will never be bound.

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