We reached out to some of our customers to give you an insight into their experience of the brand, customer service and the products themselves...

 Hopefully these words can inspire you into feel a part of the unique and expressive beings who wear BP and come to enjoy some Pieces yourself.

"I’ve been a client of Buck’s for 2 years now. One thing I  can stand behind is the the quality of Buck Palmer Jewelry; it is second to none. You are paying for pieces that are not only instant classics, but will hold up with ease to the test of time. The evolution of his pieces has kept me returning time and time again.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, while maintaining a subtle “coolness”, there just isn’t a better brand. If you value quality, aesthetic, and uniqueness then the answer is simple… you pick Buck Palmer."

Ronny Lindsey / Salt Lake City, Utah / Business Owner and Health Coach
"Buck Palmers pieces are amazing, I’ve never come across such detailed and stylish men’s jewelry.

Each one of his pieces is individual to itself.  I wear a few of the same cuffs because their individual designs mean they still look slightly different from one another.

The rings and cuffs definitely attract positive attention and let you stand out from the crowd, like a true Maverick."

Luke McGruer / Tauranga, New Zealand / Gym Owner (Mount CrossFit)
"The personality in each piece is incredible unique luxe but deeper then that was my experience because I reconnect with myself, the free spirit and literally I start to discover amazing places amazing people, open my mind and much more. I think that’s the most amazing thing from the brand.
Mavs community 🤟🏼"

Gonzalo Segovia / Whitehorn, California 

"In my role networking is Key. Since wearing a stack of Buck Palmer silver, Networking has been effortless high ticket clients approach me and always compliment my style. The Rustic style also keeps me looking humble. 
Networking is so much easier when I walk in stacked like a king.
 Enough said."

Bobby Martin / Byron Bay, Australia / The Quantum Coach


"I have been a customer of Buck Palmer for about 2 years now. I have been building my collection pretty quickly through out the years and consider my collection some of my most prized possessions. Before placing my first order I had a question about one of the cuffs and messaged the brand through Instagram - to my surprise, Buck himself answered me back! I’ve been a fan of him and his brand ever since. Customer service is top notch every time I want to add to my pieces - there's always a quick and helpful response.

Opening a box, pulling out a new piece of jewelry, and putting it on is like a small vacation every time... Even though I’m off to work everyday! The jewelry reminds me of adventures and experiences to be had outside the walls of work. The jewelry makes me happy when I put it on and I look forward to putting it back on whenever I have to take it off. I’m more comfortable with the jewelry on...just feels right. Quality of all of my rustic luxe pieces is second to none.

Probably the best quality of jewelry I have and its definitely the most unique. Every piece is different, whether stacking cuffs and bracelets or putting on a statement piece, they’re all amazing. My bracelets, necklaces, and rings are all amazing and all worth every penny. I’ll be a customer for many years to come!"

Daniel Boysen / Rockaway, New Jersey / Radiology Manager


"I just LOVE Buck Palmer!
 There is simply no comparable brand.

I was blown away by the quality. Each piece is so unique, you're instantly the center of attention...Luxury jewelry for real men. I'm just proud to be part of Bucks movement. I feel his passion and you should too.
Be yourself, Be a Maverick!"

Sven Gold / Munich, Germany / TV Host


I love the authenticity of BP, it’s just so pure and true to itself. I have never seen anything like it. Rustic luxe is a style that should be known all around.
I love every single one of my pieces. I honestly feel like it’s the best jewelry out there. I own David Yurman and Gucci pieces but they just don’t compare to BP. When I wear BP, people know what I’m wearing because of how unique each piece is.

 I now own 24 pieces of BP jewelry and 2 BP original hats - I know it’s a brand I’m never going to stop wearing. I feel BP has helped me complete my style + educated me on the properties in which these metals hold.
The BP hats are just unique and perfect. The quality is outstanding. So many people have asked where I’ve gotten my hats and any chance I get I share information about BP because it has changed life.
Highly recommend anyone wanting to up their style game .

Mac / Brownsville, Texas / Store Manager