At Buck Palmer we understand that the only way to be completely environmentally responsible in business is to not be open for business at all. But where’s the fun in that?

Rather, we envision a future where all companies are fully integrated with the planet, where we operate as another essential part of the system. Giving back more than we take, leaving the most minimal environmental footprint.

Providing nurture and sustenance is a cornerstone of the Buck Palmer brand. It’s also a mindset and a responsibility that we want to impart on all people that we come in contact with. We believe that a few hands can move mountains. So here we are, looking for hands, speaking to friends, encouraging family and rallying supporters, all to drive home the message of environmental responsibility and the importance of prioritizing our planet.

Starting late 2018, we began making plans for a new environmentally responsible outlook for the Buck Palmer brand.

Each piece you wear gives back.

Recycled Metals

Recycled Metals, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our goal is to improve our environmental footprint in a number of ways.
The first is by sourcing ONLY recycled precious metals and using them to create brand new pieces with the same look and feel that our friends and followers have  grown to love. We are just rolling out new packaging and are committed to using only recyclable materials for our product packaging and all packing materials will soon be switched over to be entirely biodegradable.


Non For Profit Partnerships

However the incentive we are most proud to announce is our commitment to supporting non for profit organizations and charities.
Last year we started a partnership with 1% for The Planet, an incredible organization that helps businesses and individuals to do their part by pledging
1% of their annual revenue or salaries to environmental organizations. Learn how you can become an individual member here

Our goal is to give back to all facets of the environment; Land, Sea, Air and wild life. As part of our pledge, our first step in achieving our goal is solidifying a commitment to the National Forest Foundation - by continuing to donate at least 1 tree for every product sold through our website - from now until forever. 



If you loved our product before, you’ll love it even more now.

By supporting our brand, you are also supporting this beautiful planet we call home.
Every time you look down at one of your bracelets, rings or necklaces,
you should feel proud that you’re part of a movement that’s committed to maintaining and supporting our most important resource… Mother Earth.