Surya Onyx Cuff


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MATERIALS: all cuffs are pure .925 silver and are stamped to ensure premium quality.
CUFF LENGTH: 16.5 cm

The Surya Onyx cuff is a chunky, wider and larger cuff with unique details including a large sun detail... the black onyx gemstone is set in the middle of the sun with oxidized grooves around it assun-rays ...the cuff itself has some wavey style etchings to make a rugged looking and eye catching piece for your stack. Surya is the Lord of the Sun and stands for the "dispeller of darkness" or the remover of ignorance into Truth/Knowledge.


To avoid warping your cuffs or causing material damages, here is a guide on how they’re designed to be worn. Picture below can be used as a reference.

1. Take the part of the cuff opposite from the opening of the cuff.

2. Rotate the cuff so that the open ends face the side of your wrist.

3. Push the open end of the cuff over the skinniest part of your wrist.

4. Rotate the cuff so its opening faces the desired way

5. Apply pressure on each end of the cuff to close it just slightly

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