Buck Palmer

Mirror Cuff


The Mirror cuff is a beautiful and sleek piece featuring smooth and clean lines bordered over the quintessential rustic Buck Palmer base. The top part of the cuff is polished and will definitely look sharp by itself, but as with any other piece, it will certainly add some sharp contrast to any stack.

This Piece Reminds us to Watch and be aware of what is being mirror'd back to us in our daily lives. Constantly we are being reflected where we can evolve and where our gifts are needed to serve, and even where we need to step up. Mavericks use these reflections to live steadfast with our own integrity / truth and as we align more n more  with our authentic ways of being and acting, nature continuous to support us along our paths. What this births is frictionless evolution, aka, the "Flow".


**This length is of the metal ONLY, can be stretched to accommodate most wrist sizes up to 22cm

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