Merkahba Necklace


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Artisan Handmade

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MATERIAL: 100% Sterling Silver

The Merkahba is an ancient symbol that is derived from 3 separate words meaning; Light, Spirit & Body. Unified together, the light is believed to help the body and spirit connect to higher realms of existence. In its three dimensional form, energy is believed to revolve and rotate in this shape around each person. 

This necklace also features the Vitruvian Man, an iconic Leonardo da Vinci drawing that uses geometry to describe the perfect proportions of the human figure. Together these two geometric forms accompany us through our everyday lives.  

We see this necklace as symbol of connecting to our higher selves and can be worn as a reminder to always following your highest truth, beyond limitations of external influence we know there is always a path when we follow our true purpose. Made with sterling silver.

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