Classic Buck Cuff (Small)


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Artisan Handmade

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MATERIAL: 100% Sterling Silver

This classic piece is a slim version of the original BUCK PALMER piece. Made from sterling silver and hand finished, so no two pieces are the same. As you and your Buck Cuff journey together, its character will strengthen over time. Why not try out the Gold version of this signature cuff? They’re the definition of rustic elegance.



To avoid warping your cuffs or causing material damages, here is a guide on how they’re designed to be worn. Picture below can be used as a reference.

1. Take the part of the cuff opposite from the opening of the cuff.

2. Rotate the cuff so that the open ends face the side of your wrist.

3. Push the open end of the cuff over the skinniest part of your wrist.

4. Rotate the cuff so its opening faces the desired way

5. Apply pressure on each end of the cuff to close it just slightly

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