Buck Palmer



We love the overall vibe of this ring! Made from sterling silver with a split through the middle, this ring features a mixed metal gold triangle and two contrasting surfaces,   one side of the split is polished silver and the other is oxidized, giving it a unique contrast... Wear it singularly as a statement or layer it up with some contrasting luxe additions.

Triangles can mean different things for different people, One thing for sure is that the triangle is the strongest shape in the universe,  its also known for transformation... whatever it means for you, we made this ring to inspire you on your path, to give you strength whenever necessary and to stay steadfast on your life's mission. 

** NOTE: Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, we are unable to resize any rings. Please make note of the size you are ordering, all products in stock are available. If resizing is requested, it will not happen for up to 3 weeks, your order will either be delayed until we have the product or shipped with the size you purchased. **

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