Pandemic Update

To the Buck Palmer Family,

First of all, I want to reach out and wish you and yours, vital health and strength during this unique time. For myself, I am seeing this unfolding as a forced reset that both nature and us as a collective have needed for some time... I passionately believe that we will all endure and come out the other side stronger and more connected to one another.

Solitude and self isolation can be a bummer and extremely difficult for some of us, while others thrive with this degree of time and space. I find this to be the perfect opportunity for me to go within, a time to reflect on what’s truly important, not only for my life but for life as a whole. We are all in this together, we are all part of the same Universe; Uni= One , Verse= Song. We are all apart of the same song, you and I are just playing different instruments. 

Myself and the rest of the BP Team are continuing operations as usual. We are all working from home while taking all the necessary sanitary procedures to ensure that all orders go out and your questions are attended to so that everyone can stay stacked. This has also been an opportune time for us to work on our new collection and refine our website, we have some super exciting new products and categories on the horizon - we hope you’ll stay tuned!!

All of our orders are shipped using UPS, we are monitoring both their Domestic Updates & their International Updates to ensure that packages can still be shipped worldwide. As of right now, there are no outright restrictions to deliver to most countries, however delays are likely to occur and new measures have been put in place in regards to signatures and payment of duties. Please refer to the links above to see any country specific information. 

We understand that times may be tough for you, but a gift for yourself one someone close to you can be a beautiful way to navigate these difficult days. To many of you, jewelry may not be something that’s in your budget but we will always try and work with you, so feel free to reach out if you need any special requests.

We love your appreciation for our brand and we love your continued support, thank you for being yourselves. You are all unique, special, and a maverick in your own way. Without each one of you, the world.. and/or someones world would not be the same. Let’s use this time to refine our instruments, so we can be even more in harmony and put on an amazing show after this brief intermission.

There will be more adventures soon, but for now I’ll be doing my best to keep the inspiration high with some cool content, interesting blog posts and an excuse to get excited during the days!
Again, Let’s use this time to prepare for even greater living once this is all over. Whatever that is for you, I’m sending you support and blessings !

With Love,

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