Make A Stand

Once again we are witnessing shocking times, especially here in the USA but also palpable shockwaves are appearing all around the world…
The issue of racism is heavy on our hearts and minds right now, I wanted to reach out to share how us as Mavericks can weather these times. 
We all share this Uni-Verse, let's re-member its meaning of; Uni = Unity and Verse = Diversity…
 We are all one, and yet all amazingly unique… from my many travels and adventures around the world it has taught me a very powerful thing: 
Without the diverse people on earth and sharing our experiences together, life would be a stale, tasteless and mundane journey.

Now is the time to transcend the old ways, to go beyond old judgments and conditionings. Now is the time to Unite and allow everyone the same opportunity to express their own Maverick.

Remember what it means to be a Maverick:
A Maverick is someone who Never denounces anyone, rather celebrates their own individuality… We are aware that each and every one of us brings forth a unique piece to this puzzle-game called life. A Maverick knows that all who are here, now, on this planet are RELEVANT and WORTHY; of an opinion, of respect and of equality. 
In the Past Mavericks have been seen as the rebel or the individuals who go against the system, often in a reckless and unthoughtful way. Yet We are the Modern-Mavericks, here to promote individuality, freedom of expression and solidarity between our brothers and sisters. We as Mavericks do not condone violence, hate or in-justice.
We are Mavericks of EVOLUTION, supporting the actions required for a cultural REVOLUTION. We are the people who rise up and take a stand against this darkness and help turn it to light. Change can be growth and with it comes a new understanding of oneself and those around us. 

Mavericks strive for a life where all people, all living things, live in Harmony. The procession starts with ME, It starts with YOU and together we become US. 
How can we create harmony? Well, we start by looking at our event horizon, understand how our actions and words influence the people around us; families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, the community etc. We can be a stand for justice, a stand for our fellow brothers and sisters. In your own unique way, you build on these stands to take action within your own communities and then as a whole more harmony and liberation is created. We do our part in our small or large circles of influence and together we will bring greater change to the whole. 

I am so adamant, so passionate, for people to follow their truth by doing only what they love, because when you bring that (love) to the world and express your truth, there is a feeling of fulfilment within that is created. That fulfilment radiates out to everyone that you come in contact with. Fulfilled people don’t go around hurting or hating on others…instead, they they naturally bring enthusiasm,  harmony and inspiration to whoever is in their event horizon. 

The Liberation of following your Maverick allows others to be liberated too, and we need it now more than ever.  Everyone has a gift and a dream to express, it’s now the time to rise up, to support each other and give everyone the opportunity to share their gifts with the world.


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