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Black Stone

Black Tea, Ylang ylang, Woody, Spicy, Fig .


Seductive and attractive! This fragrance has a bit more of a punch and hints of spice to it. It has a very unique way of pulling fourth your sensual side. Expect a slightly more woody and masculine feel, yet it's still loved by any gender.


Into the Dark

Black Currant, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cedar wood, Patchouli, Citrus, Fig.


Every human must walk Into the Dark, into the Unknown, to find out who they truly are. Each Maverick’s journey is unique and of epic proportions…finding out what you are capable of and ultimately, who you are destined to be in your unique lifetime… this evolutionary journey is a challenge to say the least, however , its beyond fulfilling. Into the dark is a magnifier of your True Maverick self and is created for you to remember your innate strength and direction in times of darkness.


Rustic Santal

Sandalwood, Cardamom, Amber, Leather …

Refreshing sandalwood notes create an addictive aroma across your event horizon. An air of regality hits the senses, prepare to be stopped on the street as this is a great daytime fragrance but not limited to any time or place… if u prefer a fresh, clean, regal scent this is definitely your wheel house.

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